A Diet Including Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes Has Many Benefits

If you are truly interested and committed then try switching over gradually. Don’t try to quit cold turkey (no pun intended). Try eliminating one type of meat at a time. Then you will gradually be able to eliminate all the meat from your diet.

Over this time period introduce and increase the number of Vegetarian meals that you consume. You can find some incredible vegetarian cookbooks online and at your local bookstore that are filled with delicious recipes.

Just remember to start slow and take your time. To give you a little push here are some incredible benefits of a vegetarian diet as compared to an orthodox diet.

The Benefits of a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Vegetarian diets, when well chosen, are linked to a reduction in the incidence of chronic diseases. And they are more conducive to better health than your average, orthodox diet.

Chronic Diseases and Vegetarian Diets:

1. Obesity. Among vegetarians there is less obesity. Vegetarians consume more fiber-rich bulky foods so fewer calories are consumed.

2. High Blood Pressure. Vegetarian lifestyle is void of smoking and drinking alcohol. This in combination with regular exercise decreases blood pressure. Also, a vegetarian diet that is low in fat, saturated fats, high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables may also contribute to lowered blood pressure.

3. Heart Disease. Vegetarian diets call for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and soybeans as a replacement for meat (which is much higher in saturated fats and much lower in fiber, antioxidants). This contributes to a healthy heart. High fiber also helps the digestive tract.

4. Cancer. Meats and other foods not consumed in a vegetarian diet can produce carcinogens which can lead to Cancer.

There are many other benefits to a vegetarian lifestyle:

1. It’s humane as it saves animals from being slaughtered for food.

2. Saves money (as meat is expensive)

Less demanding on the environment

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