A Review of Sensy Chocolate


Sensy Chocolate was founded by Dr. Anas A Khalaf know as Dr. K. in May 2009, when this review was written the company was still in its beginning stage and there were just a few hundred independent reps on the books. The launch of the company is scheduled for 5 or 6 months down the line.

Dr. Anas Khalf has several decades of experience in alternative medicine industry and top chiropractor he also has extensive experience in the MLM industry and achieved great success in several well known network marketing companies. His success in the network marketing industry allowed him to retire from six practices, many employees and a few companies to concentrate on his passion in life.

I was fortunate to meet with Dr. K during his recent visit to California and learn about his plans for Sensy Chocolate. I was impressed with his passion and dedication to the company mission and the people that are active in the network marketing sales of the company product. One of Dr. K’s visions is to sponsor schools across the world and he mentioned that a percentage of the company’s profits are being donated to that goal.

The Chocolate

Dr. K claims that the Chocolate bars have amazing health benefits and a reduced appetite effect when eating the chocolate. The company’s internet site has a great deal of information about this and it appears to be very well documented. One thing that caught my eye was the anti oxidant numbers, the organic nature of the ingredients and that is does not have any sugar and considering all that tastes actually good. Yes I did taste it

There is one simple product and most prospects will be able to perceive its benefits without difficult which is a plus because you can duplicate your self in a simple matter which is important for success in a NM company.

How to Market Your Business

Each distributor gets a personalized website with their information which gives them the ability them to market the product online as well as sponsor new distributors. The website is a basic one but gets the point across and has the information one would expect about the chocolate and the business opportunity. The company employs cookies to track visitors and give credit to the appropriate distributor. I tested it in a few ways and found it to be working pretty well although could use a correction or two.

One thing was not good is that you are able get the chocolate directly on the company site rather than referring the prospect back to the rep that referred you. At the time of writing this article the Dr. K. said he will have his technical people fix this and take off the purchase option from the main company website. As for signing up new reps that is not allowed on the corporate website and it does send you back to the person who introduced you to the opportunity.

It seems that the Sensy Chocolate is focusing its efforts on offline marketing namely friend, family and home meetings. If you have been involved in network marketing before and tried the friends and family rout without success there are alternatives for you. Check out my blog for details and training about how to market your network marketing business online.

The Money

There is a fairly good explanation of the money plan on the company website with a PDF file that details the numbers so I will not go into too much detail here.

To become a distributor for the company you have to invest in a range from $300 to $5000 a number of options are available and commit to a monthly shipment of Chocolate that is either $40, $60 or $80 per month.

You will get paid a small fee for recruiting new distributors which ranges between 10% to 5% of the initial investment of the new distributor up to 3 levels deep. This will probably not amount to much unless you are a recruiting machine but most likely will cover your auto ship for a few months.

You can get renewal income on auto ships of people in your organization up to 8 levels deep but it seems to be tied with increasing your orders and specific team production requirements. There is a mention that you are required to have a minimum of 5 customers ordering on a continues basis to get paid. This point is unclear in the company presentation.

Final Words

One good thing the company has going for it is the simplicity of its product which can be understood by most prospects and this will allow the business plan to easily duplicate and grow. This is also a potential problem because the large retailers can copy it and in most cases for a much lower price. This is obviously a possible pit fall for a single product company although the likelihood of the retailers getting into the space at this stage of the game is very small so there is a very good opportunity so early in the game.

Pre launch companies offer great opportunities but the big question is will it be around in a few years and turn into a company that will stand the test of times. Many of the new network marketing companies go out of business fairly fast but if you get involved early enough in a company that does make it and goes on to great things in the pre launch stage you can expect massive success in the years to come.

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