Advantages and Disadvantages of Dark Chocolate

A sense of relaxation and well being is very natural when you eat chocolates. When it comes to dark chocolates it is both seductive and pleasurable. Other than this, the dark chocolates are healthy too. It is extracted from the seeds of cacao plant. As it is natural so it contains benefits that are natural too. They are prepared by the mixture of fat and sugar to the cacao but not with milk supplements. It has the highest level of nutrition among all types of chocolates. According to a rich study, taking up over 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate daily proves to be healthy for your body.


  • It lowers the cholesterol.
  • Also lowers the Blood Pressure.
  • Produces Anti-oxidants into the body, good for preventing premature ageing.
  • Lowers the risks of heart problems because it is rich in flavonoids and gallic acid which include protective elements for cardio.
  • It also promotes good digestion.
  • It is also good for preventing cancer.
  • Current studies proven that it slows down the decline of nervous activities which happens with the age.
  • It indicates a help for the treatment of kidney stones and anemia.
  • It prevents the clumping of blood platelets which results in blood clots.


  • Dark chocolates are high on calories with high fat and sugar.
  • It contains some elements that have addictive properties such as caffeine, theobromine, and sugar which results in mood elevating and also contains phenethylamine which releases endorphin in the brain.
  • It also contains vasoactive amines that lead to migraine problems.
  • Dilates the vessels of the brain.
  • Moreover, it has high quantity of arginine which is a necessity in the replication of the virus herpes. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid dark chocolates especially those who have recurring and active herpes infection.

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