Eco-Foods – Your Choices

With increased awareness on the need for greater environmental sensitivity, more and more people are trying their best to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles or practices. An example of this is in the choice of food they eat. Because people eat several times a day and food items constitute a large portion of a household’s daily inventory, the choice of what people eat can greatly influence the way the economic sectors-like agriculture and industry-bear upon the carrying capacity of the environment (such as in the amount of by-products and solid waste that goes with every economic activity). Thus people would come out better off if they choose foods, or adopt eating habits, that harm the environment less.

There are practical tips on how you and I can make it a habit of picking eco-friendly foods, or eco-foods, and thereby contribute to promoting a healthier environment. We discuss some of them below.

We can begin by patronizing locally-produced foods. Common sense tells us that the more distant a commodity travels from production site to where it is used or consumed, more worldly elements come into play, harnessed, or otherwise affected by it. The likelihood of adversely impacting on the environment with such a process thus increases.

Then there are lots of organic foods we can choose from for our daily needs. Organic foods means organic farming was applied to produce them. Organic farming does not require as much chemicals as commercial farming, or any other traditional methods of farming, does. So be affirmed: organic foods are a great choice. They are eco-foods.

And then how about going vegetarian? What relief it would be for the environment if all of a sudden there were less tin cans or plastic containers around! Why is that? Veggies do not require as much packaging and storing sophistication, that’s why. Of course not everyone can be a vegetarian. So it’s just a suggestion that one may consider-for the sake of his own health and that of the environment.

Otherwise, help yourself with free-ranged or grass-fed animals if you can’t help eating meat. For quite the same reason as above: we get to minimize industrial waste.

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