Holiday Resort in Lonavala – Come Under Its Spell

There are a number of places one can go for a little holiday near Pune but holiday resorts near Pune are ideal, keeping in mind their proximity to Pune as well as the beauty of this little hill station. A holiday resort in Lonavala has a spell like effect on people who get mesmerized by the beauty of the place while enjoying the amenities and services of the holiday resorts near Pune. There are executive, deluxe and personal cottages to choose from for your stay. The view of the evergreen Western Ghats, offered from the picture windows or the personal sit out areas are enchanting and fill the room with a blessed natural light. The decor is modern and bathrooms are spacious with shower stalls.

Besides finding a cozy niche for oneself to retire to, one can choose from Indian or Continental cuisine when dining at the restaurants in the holiday resort in Lonavala. The food can be thoroughly enjoyed especially on the open terrace while along with the gastronomical extravaganza, one's eyes can savor the natural beauty all around the resort. The resort also operates a separate vegetarian kitchen which among others also specializes in Gujarati fare. There is a cozy English pub at the holiday resorts near Pune where a large variety of spirits are served along with same amazing snacks like tikkas and kebabs. Thus food and drink can be enjoyed at leisure.

Guests that are part of groups on a corporate offsite can enjoy the many activities specially organized by the holiday resort in Lonavala, which are sure to recharge one and all to return back to their daily lives and work not only fresh but on overdrive. The conference and meeting rooms are well equipped with the latest equipments to ensure an effective corporate event be it business meetings or energetic training sessions. The main attraction at holiday resorts near Pune are the great outdoor excursions or nature walk to places like Shooting point, Kune point, Rajmachi point and Karla Caves.

There is also a popular spot for hikes and walkers known as Duke's nose, named after the Duke of Wellington and his famous full-nose, who was a frequent visitor to the area. The peak of the cliff, when observed carefully, resembles the pointed nose of the Duke in a reclining position.

After an enjoyable excursion to nature's best places, one can chill out at the terrace over a drink, enjoying the gifts of nature along with those offered by the holiday resort in Lonavala. The Kerala Ayurvedic massages at the Spa are the best way to unwind and release the stresses of life. One can even enjoy a dip in the pool or make the most of the latest equipments at the gym or even enjoy the steam / sauna.

From nature to luxury, this amalgamation of both in a cozy environment is worth an experience.

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