Indian Wedding Planner Guide

wedding planner continues to invent new ways and ideas to provide a unique experience of marriage to all our customers giving primary importance to their entries and desires. You can choose between a beach, adventure, wedding palaces or suggest a single theme and our team takes care of all the ingredients to making your wedding the cherished memory for life.

The services provided by Wedding Planner are:

Meeting place of marriage: choosing a venue perfect for your wedding dreamer range in the first arrangement of things while providing a marriage. The venue of marriage is one of the most significant of a marriage because it provides the basis for genuine theme. Therefore, whether the scenic surroundings of Kerala, arrangements or royal Rajasthan picturesque beaches of Goa our wedding planner films amusement reserve the venue for the most desired wedding.

Trousseau marriage: If you want a keychain or traditional simple and casual look with a formal Western team with the help of professional designers will provide the wedding dress the fine.

Calendar of marriage: marriage our schedule will provide all information relevant to your wedding in advance. The timing of marriage couples aspiring provides all the information needed to predict their marriage just the way they want.

Theme of marriage: marriage with a theme are the most modern celebrate the event illustrates. Depending on your interest and enjoy a perfect theme will be chosen after consultation couples. Topics like the royal wedding theme, the theme of fairy tale or any specific color theme will give a unique approach to your marriage.

Accommodation: Funfilm find all the answers about your housing needs with a choice of five-star hotels to other humble dwellings.

Transport: Wedding organiser provides all your transportation, your right to receive from the airport, your transportation during your stay; everything will be taken into account. For those looking for royal tours for their great that our team will provide the limo, the vehicle means the aristocracy, nobility. We film the fun arrange for you with the same floral decoration.

Priest of marriage: The priest or pastor is an integral part of each marriage. For the Hindu wedding, the priest of marriage must be a Brahmin, because the Christians that this must be a Catholic therefore wedding planner charge to the priest for those who await with interest a traditional Indian wedding.

Restoration: Arrange a series of sumptuous delicacies as exotic menus for guests with a mixture of Indian and foreign cuisines. For a slap-up meal you need a wonderful menu. And soon you decide that the menu surpasses that work with caterers. The menu will be decided depending on your preference and budget. Depending on your choice will be a menu for your guests that caterers provide vegetarian kitchens and non-vegetarian.

Floral decoration and light: The fresh flowers like roses, orchids, marigold, gerberas, etc.. may increase the overall look of the traditional look and ethnic Funfilm can do them with your consent.

Video and still photography: Appoint a photographer and professional visual assurance to capture moments of your life on tape.

Cultural Programs: The song and dance is an integral part of all marriages, without which it seems unfinished. Funfilm arrange the dancers indigenous / folk to perform at weddings.

Wedding cake: Arrange your wedding cakes and Champagne. We can provide you with any kind of cakes and champagne depending on your taste and theme of your wedding

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