Many Uses For Chocolate Molds

Molds for chocolate can be a great tool when it comes to making your own homemade chocolates and other assorted candies. While the novelty molded chocolates in solid form are certainly the most standard choice when it comes to using these devices, there are a great deal many other fun and interesting confections that you can make with them that not only make them more fun and interesting to use, but can serve as a launching pad for a whole line of additional confections that you can potentially make.

Filled Chocolates – Everyone loves opening up a box of fancy gourmet chocolates that are filled with a variety of different things. When you have your own set of chocolate molds, it can be fun and rewarding to come up with your own fillings. Eventually, you may even be able to start making your own variety boxes of sweet confections.

Marshmallow Treats – While 3D and antique chocolate molds are best suited to this application, it is entirely possible to take your own homemade marshmallow mixture and fill molds with it before it sets so that it takes on whatever form you desire. Just remember that homemade marshmallow is incredibly sticky, so be sure to grease your molds well before adding it.

Molded Candies and Jellies – Just grease up your molds and add your molten sugar mixture, caramel, or gelatin mixture in order to create novelty candies in whatever shape you desire. For added fun, you could then take the finished product and dip them in chocolate in order to create different strata of sweet goodness in the finished product. One example involves gently melting down cranberry sauce and molding it into the shape of turkeys for Thanksgiving. It is a new, fun way to experience a traditional holiday flavor. This application, due to its high heat, is not recommended for use with plastic chocolate molds.

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