Oregano Omelette Recipe – Vegetarian-Friendly

I live in a country where there is plenty of fresh oregano, thyme, and lots of other herbs, relatively cheap. Having discovered oregano as a great natural herb for chest infections, I was delighted when I found out how good it was for candida when I had an over-growth of it myself. My spouse has a huge over-growth of candida at the moment, and so I have been cooking oregano omelettes to help things along.

Of course, this is my own experience. I am not a dietician or nutritionist, and I simply write to share a recipe that I love to cook. Oregano is delicious! And omelettes are vegetarian too.

This omelette looks grand when you serve it. I do not bother to turn them over. I simply cover the frying pan with a lid large enough to cover the pan. This also makes the omelette more fluffy, helping with both the taste and presentation. The cooking plan is written for quickness, so you do not waste time from one task to the other.


5 or 6 Full-length spring onions

About 10-20g fresh thyme

Butter for cooking (make sure you don’t over-cook it)

50g Fresh oregano

4 eggs

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Heat butter gently in a pan while you quickly roughly chop the spring onions, then add and stir with a wooden spoon. Stir again as you chop up the thyme very finely, then add to the onion mixture and stir. Keep stirring as you finely chop up the oregano, then put it in a bowl. Break the eggs into this bowl and add salt and pepper. Then whisk (I simply whisk with a fork) the eggs very fast for about 20-30 seconds until fluffy. Stir the pan mixture one more time then add egg mixture. Cover with lid and reduce heat to a minimum. Keep on the heat till the top of the omelette looks a bit dry. Serve immediately onto a plate.

Serves 2. Enjoy!

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