Organic Cereal Fraud – Misleading Labeling

Has supermarket mislabeling led to organic cereal fraud in the US? I have to admit, I was one of the millions of people to join the organic food crazy a few years ago. I always believed I could trust the labels on food products; when I saw the word ‘organic’ I was much more prone to buying foods than if I didn’t. So when I read the news articles stating that a retail company as large as Walmart was mislabeling non-organic products as organic, I became furious. I felt for sure that the government should protect us from this sort of thing. Not only is organic food much more expensive than regular products, but we’re also led to believe that what we’re buying is healthier! So what happened?

First, let me explain why this organic produce phenomenon even came about. Why were people willing to spend more money for foods simply because they were labeled as ‘organic’? The big deal is that we’ve been consuming foods covered in toxic pesticides for decades now. It’s much easier, and cheaper, for farms to grow crops sprayed with this bug poison. Farmers that grow organic foods use techniques that are much more time consuming; and time equals money. Also, organic foods have to be certified, and this costs money too. While I don’t enjoy paying more for my food, I don’t want to be consuming small amounts of poison every time I bite into an apple…

Thus organic products ended up exploding on the market, and companies wanted to profit from this demand. As I mentioned earlier, one such company, Walmart, labeled traditional foods that are natural as organic (even though they were not pesticide-free). The worst part is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually knows about this, but hasn’t done much to fix the problem yet! So people are unknowingly paying more for foods they think are bug-spray free, when in fact they’re not!

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