Organic Restaurants Alabama

Because we understand the importance of Organic food with what we cook or where we choose to eat that we wanted to make it easier to find those places that serve organic food. There is an understanding, finally that is spreading throughout the country that genetically altered food, and all of the additives and hormones and other chemicals are creating disease, old age and poor nutrition. we hope this helps to support those that are serving and selling organic food and drink, and those who wish to buy organic.

Organic Restaurants – ALABAMA

Caribbean House

2612B Jordan Ln

Huntsville, AL 35816



Garden Cove

628 Meridian St North

Huntsville, AL 35801


Mostly organic

Golden Temple

1901 11th Ave

Birmingham, AL 35205


Grocery/Bakery/Deli/Juice/Organic produce

Hot and Hot Fish Club

2180 11th Ct. South

Birmingham, AL 35205


Fresh homegrown local produce, seasonal menu

Jerusalem Café

5773 Airport Blvd

Mobile, AL 36608


Our Daily Bread

2413 B Jordan Ln Northwest

Huntsville, AL 35816


Mostly vegetarian

Purple Onion

1550 Montegomery Hwy Ste P

Hoover, AL 35216


Restaurant, Deli, Grill

The Standard Bistro

3 Mt. Laurel Lane

Birmingham, AL 35242


Uses local organic produce and meats

TBO Deli

5510 Hwy 280

Birmingham, AL 35242


Organic juice bar – smoothies, raw living food daily special

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