Poly Keder to the Rescue for Greenhouse Growers

Why are more people who are growing organic food looking at Poly Keder greenhouse plastic?

One of the easiest ways to grow organic food is to put a barrier between your crops and potential hazards such as pesticides, herbicides, and pollutants. Shield your organic crops with SolaWrap poly keder greenhouse plastic, and you will help them grow faster and produce more higher quality fruit. SolaWrap is a food grade; German engineered very high quality, polyethylene greenhouse bubble film. The bubbles insulate and diffuse light, providing a year-round growing environment for your plants.

Some greenhouse growers are filling their dead spaces in-between layers of poly or polycarbonate with soap bubbles. Air is the best insulator, and the bubbles allow light through while trapping that air. SolaWrap uses the same concept, how ever the bubbles need no energy input to maintain the air space they fill. They are permanently designed into the greenhouse plastic.

SolaWrap is easy to install with S-Lock, a double channel locking system, similar to a polycarbonate U-Channel, but engineered to withstand 100+ mph winds. Simply slide the keder bead that is attached to the greenhouse film through the double channel locking system to secure safely. Your organic produce will be protected under SolaWrap. This greenhouse plastic has been proven to withstand gale-force winds, round hail, and will protect against other tricks Mother Nature loves to play.

You will also be shielding your organic crops from attacks from pests. A few will find their way in, but just like your house has fewer unwanted bugs than your garden, your greenhouse will have fewer pests than your garden.

With SolaWrap's easy roll-up sidewall ventilation, you won't have to cover your greenhouse with cumbersome shade cloths in the summer. You will still get great ventilation and still get high quality diffusion, so your plants will thrive in all seasons.

Sales of organic produce have skyrocketed in the last decade, let alone conventional produce. In 2011 alone, the organic food industry saw a growth of 9.4% with the over all organic products industry reaching over $ 31 billion in sales. Whether you're growing fruits and veggies or lavender and bee balm, organic is the way to grow.

Growing organic is better for the environment as your plants growing in a symbiotic system. The food produced is better for our bodies and contributes to overall health. Consumers understand that, and seek out that choice coupled with convenience when it comes to purchases.

If you are considering growing organically, think about what an investment in SolaWrap poly keder greenhouse plastic really means. Reliability: a reliable environment to keep your plants organic, and a reliable covering that helps you grow a reliable crop. Knowing that you will be able to enjoy delicious, fresh organic food all year long right from your own property is relieving. Reducing plant chemicals will help reduce food allergies, obesity and some related autoimmune diseases. The more folks who engage in local growing will help lower greenhouse gases as well as save money on grocery bills.

If you or anyone you know wants to start growing their own organic food, however do not know where to begin … feel free to join our weekly webinar and ask away. If you cannot make the webinar, if all goes well with the recording devices, we will have them posted on the site as well for your convenience.

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