Review of the Top Clubs in San Miguel De Allende

San Miguel de Allende is one of the best places to visit or live in Mexico, especially if you are American or Canadian. This beautiful jewel offers many sights and activities for visitors and locals alike, and there is an abundance of nightlife and clubs for your enjoyment. When the sun goes down this quaint Mexican town really knows how to party, and is not ashamed to show it. There are many clubs and bars, over two hundred and growing, for you to choose from, and each is different and unique in an original way.

Mama Mia’s is actually four different night clubs and bars under one name and roof. The center club is a restaurant and bar, and delicious Italian food is served here as well as drinks. To the left of the entrance is the sports bar, for game enthusiasts and sports nuts, and this club normally has some type of sport playing on television. To the right of the entrance is what Americans think of when they want to visit a club, and this is the music bar. This bar frequently features local musicians and bands. There is also a rooftop lounge, which is easy to miss because it is hidden away, that offers beautiful views and plenty of romance.

Another top club in San Miguel de Allende is El Grito, and this club is the most popular spot in the whole city, as well as the most expensive. The cover charge is fifteen dollars normally, but the views inside are well worth the cost. The club is decorated with exquisite glass and stone sculptures, fabulous displays of light, and music. This club is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and certain holidays, when the cover charge can go as high as fifty dollars for New Year’s Eve. Panchos and Lefty’s is another popular drinking spot in San Miguel de Allende, and this club is considered on of the most American clubs in the town. The name of the club was recently changed to Chocolate, and this place offers dancing, drinking, sporting events, and music. This club has a tourist feel to it, with no local flavor.

Mechicanos is a club that offers two different stories. The decorations for the first floor have a theme of red, white, and black, while the second story is decorated in woods, red, and black, and reflects the religious heritage of Mexico, with crosses and pictures of the Virgin Mary evident. El Ring, another great club in San Miguel, is located at 25 Hidalgo, and this club used to be the most popular spot for nightlife. Created from a previous cock fighting ring, this disco is open Thursday through Saturday every week, and they offer music which is vibrant and energetic. With over two hundred bars and clubs to choose from, San Miguel has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys the night life and partying. No matter what you are looking for, whether it is drinking, dancing, sports, or just hanging out meeting new people, there are clubs which are a perfect fit in this fabulous city.

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