The Best Indian Restaurants in New York

If you are one that loves the taste of great Indian food than New York is definitely the place to be as there are plenty of them for you to choose from. You will have the choice from vegetarian to regular Indian food and everything in the middle. Here are just a few of these great Indian restaurants that you should really check out. All of these great places offer a pleasant atmosphere with great food.

One of the very first stops that you should make on your quest for great Indian food in New York would have to be Madras Mahal. This small cozy restaurant serves some of the best kosher vegetarian Indian food in New York. They have a wide variety of different Indian favorites for you to choose from. Even if you do not happen to be a vegetarian you will surely find their food to be outstanding. The decor is friendly and inviting and the staff makes you feel right at home with their pleasant smiles. This is just about as good as Indian vegetarian food can be so come on over and give them a try.

Another great place to get some of the best Indian food in New York would have to be Chola. This is a more upscale restaurant so the price will be a little high but well worth it to your taste buds. They offer a modern decor in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Their food will literally seem to just melt in your mouth. The staff is friendly and always seems to have a smile. They offer some of the best Indian foods available and you will not be disappointed. It’s a great place to bring family and friends for a great night out with good food and friends. Go ahead and check it out tonight you will be glad you did.

Finally there is Vatan, which is another great Vegetarian Indian restaurant. Their food is just delicious and very authentic. Their menu is a set menu of all you can eat items similar to a buffet but their portions are smaller but still just as filling. They also have some excellent appetizers such as breads filled with yogurt and many more delicious items. Just a few things on their main menu include spinach stew and rice with lentils among others. You will love the great food and atmosphere even if you do not happen to be vegetarian.

So if you are hungry for some great Indian food you really need to give these restaurants a try. They will offer you the best Indian food around at the most reasonable prices. They will surely please any palette looking for great food. So go ahead and check one of these great places out today you will be so glad that you did.

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