The Food in India

The Indian food is famous worldwide for being among the richest and most diverse cuisines in the globe. Popular for famous receipts like the curry sauce, the Indian food is actually a wide blend of various culinary styles. Travelers who visit India are usually interested to taste the famous traditional Indian dishes.

In fact, the major difference between the various Indian cuisines is actually the variations between the dishes of Northern and Southern India. The North Indian food is actually what people find in various restaurants around the world. Many travelers who tour India usually experience the dishes of Northern India.

The Northern Indian cuisine is characterized by the pieces of meat and vegetables that are soaked in tomato, onion, and yogurt sauces that are usually escorted by thick pieces of fresh bread. The Northern cuisine, on the other hand, is famous for being mostly vegetarian with the special use of spicy chili and coconuts and a large quantity of rice. Travelers enjoying their holidays in India are encouraged to try both cuisines are encouraged to try different dishes.

Vegetarian travelers in particular who travel to India would really enjoy their meals in the country. This is because many of the main dishes are meat-free. Moreover, most of the Hindus and many people who live in the Southern section of the country do not eat meat or fish. Many restaurants actually state if their dishes are vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Meat lovers spending their vacations in India, on the other side, should be cautious concerning their meat dishes. This is because meat dishes are not quite available in many regions. They are usually presented in larger cities and the good dishes are usually served in more expensive restaurants and hotels.

Concerning where to eat while enjoying your tour in India, there are mainly three types of eating establishments in the country. The first is the cheap restaurants and cafes that are called Dhabas and Bhojanalayas. These places are usually basic but they present good dishes of vegetables soaked in curry, bread, and rice.

There are also the Udipi shops that sell some tasty traditional Indian snacks like Idli, vada and many other dishes where rice is main component. Travelers who spend their holidays in India are advised to try one of them at least.

For those who wish to have a fancier meal, there are many Veg and non-Veg restaurants that serve the middle and high classes in India. Many of the best restaurants in India, like any other country, are to be found in hotels. These restaurants can be rather expensive but they provide their customers with high-class authentic Indian dishes.

The last type of restaurants that is recommended for travelers who tour India are the traditional touristic restaurants that are found across the country in areas where many westerners reside. They offer many western dishes along with the famous chips, pancakes, omelets, and many other meals. This is in addition to some Indian curries and dishes.

The international chains of fast food can also be found in many regions in India where burgers do not include meat for the reasons we mentioned earlier. Pizzas fried chicken, burgers and fries fast food chains are often present in larger cities where travelers who spend their holiday in India would like to try sometime.

Going back to the famous curry sauce, in fact what most westerns or let us say non-Indians call curry covers a large variety of dishes that contain several herbs and spices. Can you imagine that the curry powder does not exist in India? This is because they believe in the authenticity of everything especially food and this is what travelers who tour India truly enjoy.

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