The Health Benefits of Sugar Free Chocolates

Romance, music and chocolates – what would life be without these?

One of the most pleasurable activities in life is eating chocolates, second only to romance. The melting of the brown pieces in the mouth give feelings that is akin to being in love. Eating chocolates result in releasing of endorphins, the feel good hormones. The good thing about eating chocolates does not stop with altering the mood for the better. Eating chocolates is said to be beneficial to your health. These health benefits of eating chocolates are backed up by scientific studies.

Here chocolate does not mean the kinds of chocolates that are popularly available in the market – high in calories. Chocolate here refers to the ones that are sugar free and hence low in calories. However, the chocolates available in the market are rich in calories because of two ingredients: sugar and milk. Additionally most of the flavonoids are lost as a result of processing.

The darker the chocolate the better, as it contains more cocoa but less milk and sugar. Normally, sugar free chocolate candies are prepared for diabetics. Therefore, the milk and sugar content in this type of chocolates are very low and the cocoa content is high.

Sugar free chocolate candy bars have more antioxidants than red wine or green tea. Chocolate contain flavonoids that is good for the heart. It thins the blood platelets and prevents clotting. In addition, flavonoids may be helpful in the prevention of cancer.

A study of 8000 male Harvard students showed that chocoholics lived longer than the abstainers. Evidence shows that cocoa from which chocolate is made is rich in antioxidants that helps ward off heart diseases, prevents strokes and thins the blood. Scientists concur on this.

Consuming large amounts of cocoa lowers the risk of high blood pressure too. People belonging to the Kuna tribe who live in isolated islands in Panama are said to have no high blood pressure. The reason is attributed to their regular consumption of cocoa. Cocoa contains nitric acid and the nitric oxide connection to blood pressure is well established.

Chocolate is rich in iron content and has more iron than beef liver. Chocolate is also the second highest source of magnesium among all foods, after seaweed.

Researchers have found that eating 1 oz. of chocolate per day can have significant health benefits.

Sugar free chocolates and candies can be ordered online from stores all over the USA. Sugar free chocolates that are low in milk content can be good for those with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, if taken in moderation.

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