Vegan Recipes – Ideas

Another popular form of eating growing popular these days is veganism. Today one can find a series of vegan recipes, which will not only tantalise your taste buds. But will also spurt the imagination of those who believe it to be a dull meal.

Some recipe ideas could be:

A Mediterranean Dinner: roasted peppers and eggplant dip served with focaccia. Wild mushroom rice; couscous bean salad with grilled vegetables can be paired with of course some wine.

One such wine would be Pinot Grigio. Its crusty flavour blends with vegetables.

A wholesome Breakfast: hash browns (use soy milk) with greens and beans or scrambled tofu with it. Alternatively, you could opt for oat pancakes with fresh fruits or breakfast burritos with vegetables, bean or tofu stuffing.

A light-hearted Lunch: panini sandwich made from grilled portobello mushrooms, finely sliced zucchini, roasted bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto stacked on the bread.

Or there is the tapenade crositin with stewed fruit and corn bread or strawberry sorbet. This can be well combined with Chianti wine. Its earthy favour blends well with olives and sun-dried tomatoes and naturally cuts through the recipes creaminess.

Each of these vegan recipes offer a unique profile, preserving the freshness and subtle flavours of the different ingredients.

These when paired with wines remember to stick to crisp, acidic whites for dishes like grilled vegetables and grains.

For pungent flavours or those made from spices, saffron etc choose medium-bodied red wines.

For herbed dishes with a fairly over tone of oregano mellow wines are a good proposition.

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