Vegetarian Soup Recipes That Are Quick and Easy

Once you discover how tasty and easy to prepare homemade soups are, you'll never eat canned soup again. Most canned soup is overcooked and generally seasoned with too much salt and not much else – relying mostly on bones and meat for flavor. When you get the taste of a delicious broth simmered with natural herbs and spices, and made amazingly enough without meat or bones, you won't be able to live without it. Yum Yum.

How to Cook Soup
Making a pot of soup is really as simple as filling a soup pot up with good water, throwing in some herbs, spices and roots such as onions, garlic and ginger (possibly sautéing them first), letting it simmer away on the stove as you go about your business. Making soup in a crock pot gives you the option to leave it cooking while you're away at work and come home to an amazing smell permeating the air, waiting for you to get out the bowls and spoons.

Healthy Quick Recipes are Easy to Make
You'll gradually add items based on how long they take to cook, which might include carrots and potatoes, or pre-soaked beans and rice for longer cooking times, or spinach, parsley and cilantro at the end for just a few minutes to wilt them, but not cook. At this time you might also add a little oil such as olive or coconut oil to broaden out the flavors of the soup and make nutrients from the spices more available for assimilation.

Easy Recipes Vegetarian Style
Final additions will be some special items that help create a more tasty broth such as soy sauce, miso or umeboshi vinegar. You may not have used these much, but they are readily available and can give that heartiness of taste that other meatless soups lack; often people find it surprising how really good what vegetarians eat is.

Before You Can Say, "Where's my bowl?"
Some soups rather than having to cook all day will just take 5-10 minutes, as long as it takes water to boil, with a few quick cooking noodles and some frozen or light veggies that need just a couple of minutes to be ready to serve up with the seasonings you've added. This is a great place to start when learning how to cook soup.

VoilĂ„! Couldn't be easier … and like I said, you'll never want canned soup again!

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