Vicious Vinegar

Vinegar, in general, is an impure dilute solution of acetic acid obtained by fermentation and used as a condiment and preservative. Folks, beware of vinegar. It is not a food (condiment). It is a solvent, but more importantly, it is a poison and toxin to the human body. All intelligent and health conscious people use vinegar as a household cleaning agent and maybe as a solvent. I personally use vinegar (white distilled) to remove the alkaline deposit from my stainless steel kitchenware (pots and pans). I soak these things in vinegar over night and the next morning my pots and pans look brand spanking new. Unbelievable! But I think to myself, if vinegar eats away alkalinity (alkaline deposits) like this, vinegar must be helluva acid. Also, if God / Creator (Jesus, Allah, the Annunaki, or whoever else one may believe to be God or the Creator) created us as human to have a natural pH balance of 7.3, which is slightly more alkaline, then if we foolishly or unknowingly consume vinegar or so-called "food-stuffs" prepared with vinegar, then we are acidifying ourselves and in the process lowering our alkalinity or alkaline balance, going against God / Creator's command and will of establishing our bodily makeup as being alkaline ( 7.3 pH).

I was shocked and amazed when I personally did an experiment with some vinegar, testing its pH with a pH tester that I have. Folks, the tester indicated that vinegar has a pH of 0.0 !!!! This stuff is pure ACID! Acid eats away alkalinity. Our bones, skeletal structure, and teeth are almost 100% pure calcium, the number one mineral in our bodies, which also happens to be the number one (high concentration) alkaline mineral of the eight essential alkaline minerals, which include sodium, magnesium, potassium, and chloride.

No wonder we read in the Bible, "As vinegar to the teeth …" (Proverbs 10:26). Vinegar eats away the teeth, just like sugar does. With American's high consumption of sugar and vinegar as ingredients in the "food-stuffs" we eat and drink, no wonder we have messed up (decayed) teeth in this country. Now you know the so-called "food" industry knows better than this! If I, a black or Afrikan independent researcher, who barely graduated from high school, a product of 1980s drug and gang-infested South Central LA, who never attended a university and who possesses no degrees whatsoever, KNOW THIS, then you know the food scientists and engineers should know this as well. And guess what? They do and just don't give a damn because they know Americans will eat anything and not give a damn what they put into their mouths – – as long as it looks and tastes good! These are the only two criteria that matter for most Americans.

The destructive element of vinegar, especially white distilled and wine vinegar, is ACETIC ACID. Acetic acid is deleterious and insalubrious to the human body and system. It greatly and rapidly destroys (eats away) the red blood corpuscles, resulting in anemia and ultimately cancer (leukemia). Acetic acid also interferes with the digestive process, retarding and preventing the proper assimilation of food. Acetic acid also causes ulcers as it literally burns a hole in the intestines, just like aspirin does, because the byproduct of aspirin is ACETIC ACID! You should also know that acetic acid causes hardening of the liver (cirrhosis of the liver).

Vinegar (acetic acid) is very insalubrious to the blood, the physical essence of life. As the Bible says, "for the life of the flesh is in the blood" (Leviticus 17:11). This is true! Therefore, any diseased condition of the blood is bound to manifest as a blemish on the skin. Vinegar, which contains acetic acid, is very acidic and therefore very mucus forming. Mucus in turn saturates and damages the mucus membranes and results in skin disorders that you unknowingly call herpes, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, dermatitis, etc.

Some women even douche with vinegar. A serious no no! Vinegar is too acidic! Women and females, your vagina is already naturally slightly acidic; a healthy acidic level though. Using vinegar as a douching solution lowers your vagina's pH level which creates a host of vaginal disorders, ie, yeast infection, mucosal discharge, vaginitis, etc. Although I personally do not recommend douching, but if you feel you must, you would be wise to use such things as herbs (red raspberry leaf, lemon verbena, white oak bark, squaw vine, black walnut hulls, olive leaf, mullein, fenugreek , marshmallow) or in the alternative to vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (preferably 33% food grade) or non-alcoholic witch hazel. Peroxide and witch hazel only calls for 1-2 ounces per douche bag filled with water (preferably alkaline water). This will bring up your vagina's pH level.

Also, beware of eating foods that list vinegar as an ingredient. Items such as pickles, relish, mustard, salad dressing, pig's feet (for the savages who still eat it), mayonnaise, certain brands of potato chips (dried powdered vinegar), dips, and a host of other canned and bottled products contain and may contain vinegar. So learn to become a conscious shopper and consumer and start reading those labels, especially you women, because your daughters will pick up on this wise and safe practice and mimic your shopping prowess when they become of age. The health of a nation is in the hands of its women. As a nation in general, and black or Afrikan nation (community) in particular, we are a sick people because women have left the laboratory called "kitchen" for the battlefield called corporate America, leaving a grand and massive opening for the diabolical fast food industry to feed us their junk and in turn are "killing us softly with their junk and poison." This is especially true in black urban communities across the nation. In addition to a church and liquor store on every corner, you can now see the sign or logo of a fast food restaurant or drive-through on every corner – McDoo Doo Burgers, Bugger King, H. Salt Fish and Shit, Kentucky Fried Shit -kin, Taco Hell, Der Weiner Snot-zel, Wind-ys, Jack-N-The Coffin (box), and a host of other exploitive and diabolical chains selling Americans fast death at a cheap price. Folks, you pay to stay! So pay that extra dollar or two for that veggie burger or other vegetarian item. Vegetarian junk food is a great improvement and advancement from the typical and commercial junk food Americans buy and eat on a daily basis.

In closing, I recommend that you read the books: Fast Food Nation, by Eric Sclosser (ISBN # 0-395-97789-4) and The Garden of Eating, by Jeremy Iggers (ISBN # 0-465-07805-2).

If you must have or use vinegar, give organic apple cider vinegar a try. It's the best kind of vinegar available. Brown rice and plum vinegars may suffice as well.


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