Why Organic Spices and Organic Rice Are Better for You

Organic food can be defined as produce derived from organic farming practices, without the use of any chemical or synthetic additives, keeping in mind the goal of sustainability, health and safety of the environment, the food and the consumers of such food. Switch to organic rice and organic spices for a better, healthier you.

1. Health benefits in abundance:

Organic Rice is a great source of carbohydrates, the essential body and metabolic fuel. It is cholesterol free, assisting in avoiding obesity and related health conditions. Since it is low in sodium, Rice is ideal for sufferers of high blood pressure and hypertension. Organic brown rice is rich in insoluble fibre, making it vital for protecting the body from cancers, especially colorectal and intestinal cancers. Moreover, it is rich in C and A vitamins, phenolic and flavonoid compounds, which stimulate antioxidants to scour and rid the body for free radicals. Rice is also an excellent source of niacin, vitamin D, calcium, iron, thiamine and riboflavin.

2. Great for skincare:

Spices and rice work as excellent home skin-care ingredients and remedies. Rice water is a popular Ayurvedic prescription for effectively cooling off inflamed skin. Organic brown rice, rich in phenolic compounds, possesses anti-inflammatory properties that work to soothe irritated skin. Organic spice powders such as turmeric is a popular ingredient in topical face-packs and masks, working as natural skin lightening and antiseptic agents.

3. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals:

Conventionally grown spices and rice are treated with chemicals and synthetic additives including fertilizers, insecticides and sludge to promote faster growth. These chemicals are known to recede into the soil and are absorbed by the spice or rice plant, thus ultimately making their way onto your plate of food. Spices and rice are grown without the use of such synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge or radiation, making your food preparations safer and healthier.

4. Avoid dangerously processed foods:

Spices are required to be sterilized for them to be commercially available for sale. Conventionally grown spices are typically sterilized either using fumigation or irradiation, both of which are potentially harmful when it comes to food safety.

5. GMOs are a no-no!:

Spices and rice are the way to go, if you seek safe ingredients. Opting for Rice and spices helps you avoid genetically modified additives in your food. Spices and rice are devoid of GMOs or GMO additives, thus making them a much safer alternative to conventional foods.

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