Xocai – Is It A Scam? A Business Opportunity Review

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This is the idea that Xocai has built its company around. By combing the love of chocolate with the power of antioxidants Xocai gives the world Healthy Chocolate. So how legitimate is this company? Or is it just a scam? This article was written to provide a view of the company and the opportunity.

The Company

Xocai, the company, is based in Reno, Nevada. It is a division of the MXI Corporation. Xocai has brought to market a variety of healthy chocolate products. The basis for the healthy chocolate products is the ingredients of unprocessed cacao and acai berries. Both of which are also loaded with antioxidants. The company uses independent distributors to market their products through a home business opportunity that utilizes a MLM comp plan.

Healthy Chocolate – The Products

Xocai’s product line is made up of a variety of dark “healthy chocolate” products that are loaded with antioxidants. Products include X Power Squares, Nuggets, Powerhouse Cookies, Protein Bars, Activ, and Omega Bars. The products can be purchased in individual cases, variety packs or gift boxes.

There are testimonials from customers that have seen health benefits by consuming these products. Some examples of conditions cited by these testimonials; people claim to have gained relief from headaches, arthritis, and other inflammation based symptoms. Some diabetics report they are even able to eat this healthy chocolate with no adverse side effects. This is due to the fact that the healthy chocolate contains low glycemic sugars.

Home Business – The Opportunity

The Xocai MLM business opportunity contains a HYBRID binary compensation plan with a payout of up to 50% of commissionable volume.

For one part of the bonus structure (based on volume) which comprises about 50% of your earnings, you will need to balance volume in two legs. There is no “breakage” or “flushing” as all unpaid volume rolls over into your next week. It is impossible for unpaid volume to stay with the company as 50% of all commissionable volume paid out to the distributors. This means that what is left goes into pools and is paid from there to qualified associates.

In conclusion, the MXI Corp. has developed some revolutionary products with their Xocai healthy chocolate line. The compensation plan is simple because it is a 2 leg binary and, really, who doesn’t love chocolate?

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